Recently concerns have been raised to Rose Tours by potential travelers on the safety of Cancun. We wanted to provide you with the following information on Mexico to show that Cancun is one of the safest destinations in Mexico.

No travel warning has been issued for Cancun, or any surrounding area. Rose Tours is monitoring the situation and will update travelers if anything were to change.

USATODAY 4/14/2012

Travel Weekly US Update of Mexico Travel Warnings 2/8/2012

Travel Weekly Map of Mexico Travel Warnings

Mexico Information from Travel.State.Gov

Travel Warning from Travel.State.Gov

Trip Advisor

Even though there is no travel warning for Cancun, Club Med keeps on staff a security team to prevent any unauthorized non-guests from accessing the resort. Rose Tours is supplementing with our own security staff as well.

The health and safety of our patrons is of the utmost importance to us. We are taking every step possible to ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone.

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